Trust & Safety


Our role is to form a community of trustworthy individuals in order that they'll all enjoy the benefits of car sharing. We’ve developed a spread of options to make sure that your rental experience is as safe and secure as attainable.


Trust & Security

UandMyCar sets the quality for building trust in peer-to-peer marketplaces by validating and managing online name. UandMyCar works to supply a secure and reliable environment for their customers to interact.

ID Verification

UandMyCar verify US/Canadian Driver's Licences, Passports and other documents directly with Government Agencies.

Credit Checks

UandMyCar ensures that only those with a good credit history gain access to vehicles.

Comments and feedback

We offer the opportunity for Owners & Renters to provide feedback on their rental experiences with other community members. This advantages us to raise positive behaviour within the community.

Social Media Verification

By connecting to social networks like Facebook, members of the UandMyCar can further verify their identity and online presence. We never post anything to your networks without your permission.

Fraud Prevention & Secure online payments

Transactions are provided by Paypal Secure Gateway that can automatically deny or challenge any suspicious transactions.

We collect payments from Renters via Paypal Secure Gateway and hold a deposit bond until after return of the vehicle. Rentals only progress after a full payment has been received.

Customer Support

We are here to help you before, during and after your rental. Our team is available through our Ticket Support System, by phone, or Contact Form.

Legally Mandatory Agreement

All rentals are subject to the UandMyCar Renter and Owner Terms & Conditions. Owners & Renters both sign a rental agreement confirming their responsibilities and obligations.

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